Frequently Asked Questions

By default, the AuctionMage.bat file errors out with /Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: AuctionMage/ I had to copy the bat file to the /bin directory to get it to run, then I received a warning /Warning - AuctionMage.dat not found!/ I couldn┐t figure out how to export the variables correctly, and I┐m sure other Windows users wouldn┐t either.

Sorry about that, my .bat is only a crude guess, as I don't have Windows available for testing. But since the release of today (2.0-rc1) the .jar file ought to run.

What happens if you put in a maximum bid, but do not check the ┐Do Automatic Bids┐ box and hit ┐Submit┐?

AM will remember your maximum bid but it will not bid automatically in this case. E.g. items moved to trash automatically get this switch set to disabled.

The difference between the ┐Submit┐ and ┐Bid Now┐ buttons?

Submit is to submit changes to maximum bid and quantity, bid now is for instand bidding on the item.

What if you put a max bid, check ┐automatic bids┐ and check ┐I┐m sure┐ then click ┐Bid Now┐?

Then AM would instantly bid the entered max bid, which is usually not sensible. The most useful strategy is to just snipe on items (-> only check "automatic bids", enter maxbid and hit Submit)